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If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  - African Proverb

Getting Happi

Getting Healthy Actively Promoting Positivity Initiative



The inspiration for the Getting HAPPI project is to provide an injured athlete and any athlete a home and a team.

For many, athletics and being part of a team provides purpose. One can feel their purpose lost with injury. Athletics helps sustain mental health which can be submarined both by the loss of actively exercising and the loss of their team goals and team purpose.

There are many goals of GettingHAPPI and chief among them is creating a community of support. One of the goals of the GettingHAPPI project is connecting athletes both healthy and injured to workout and grow together.

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Unselfie Projects

College Friends

Collaborate and create Unselfie Projects, supporting each other and improving the community.

Happy Sports Team
Friends Who Work Out

For All Athletes

Athletes struggle overcoming injuries because it is difficult to make a plan that works. Jessica O’Connell, Olympian and Canadian record holder, helps injured athletes recover and succeed in their goals.


Coach Jess runs a website,, where she talks with athletes, healthy and injured, organizing a plan for the athlete's development.

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